Tidycal- Lifetime Plan


  • Your Own Booking Page: Yes
  • Multiple Booking Types: Yes
  • Custom Day Availability: Yes
  • Embed on Any Site: Yes
  • Translation/Localization:  Yes
  • Custom Email Reminders: Yes
  • Group Bookings: Yes
  • Auto-Create Meeting URLs: Yes
  • CSV export: Yes
  • Directory Access: Yes
  • Confirmation Redirect: Yes
  • Integrations: Advanced
  • Max Calendar Connections: 10
  • Offer Paid Bookings: Yes
  • Bookings Per Month: Unlimited
  • TidyCal Branding: Reduced
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Book meetings faster.

The simplest way to book and schedule meetings.

Make your calendar work for you — set your availability, meeting length, and more in just a few minutes.

Connect all your Google Calendars and Office 365 calendars in one place. Never get double-booked for a meeting.

A simpler booking solution for your prospect demos, chats with friends, coworkers and anything else.

Book free or paid meetings with friends, coworkers… or even clients and customers.

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