Squash – STARTUP


  • 10 concurrent environments
  • Up to 3,100 hours/month
  • Up to 8 GB VM Sizes
  • 5GB Assets Storage
  • 120GB Cache
  • 120GB Persistent Storage
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Stop wasting time managing QA servers.

On demand test environments for web apps and microservices. Save time and iterate faster with disposable virtual machines for each branch of code.

Why Squash?

  • One Click Environments
  • Zero DevOps
  • Unlimited Environments
  • Faster user acceptance testing
  • 35-50% Savings in server costs
  • Less bugs


One-Click Deployments

Fully automated and fast deployments based on Docker, Kubernetes or deployment rules defined in a YAML (.yml) file.

Dedicated VMs per branch of code

Reliability, best performance and environment isolation.

Flexible VMs

Pick from any pre-made VM sizes from 1GB to 64GB of memory. Customize the storage on each VM size to tailor your needs.

Auto shutdown policies

Multiple auto shutdown options to ensure a balance between optimal cost savings and convenience.

SSH/shell access

A unique IP address and SSH endpoint to each deployment.


Got product cover images, profile pictures, dev db dumps or any assets that you need to share between deployments? We’ve got you covered.

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