Mojoauth – Business Pro Plan


  • Unlimited total users
  • Unlimited monthly logins
  • Login page
  • Login widget
  • Login form
  • Email OTP
  • Magic link login
  • Social login
  • WebAuthn (Biometric)
  • Passkeys authentication
  • Phone/SMS authentication
  • Multifactor authentication
  • Whitelist email domain
  • Customer company branding
  • Whitelabel – Login screen and email
  • Team management
  • Standard email support
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Why MojoAuth?

Authenticate users securely without passwords, no matter what platform your apps live on.

More Signups

Snowball report says, 60% of donors bounce at signup due to passwords. So, why not eliminate passwords?

Customer Trust

Win customer trust by authenticating them securely and seamlessly.

Lesser Cost

Passwords cost a lot. 92% of businesses see passwordless authentication as the future.

Build vs. Buy?

Building from scratch is costly and failure prone. 25% of IT projects experience outright failure; 20% to 25% don’t provide return on investment.


An in-house authentication solution becomes an unnecessary cost center for your organization.

MojoAuth helps you save money, scale quickly, and devote valuable resources to solving your customer problems.

Simply put, MojoAuth is the passwordless login solution your organization and users deserve.

MojoAuth is A Complete Passwordless Authentication Solution

Email Magic Link and OTP

Authenticate your users using an Email Magic Link and OTP sent to their respective email IDs.

Social Login

Let your users authenticate via their social accounts like Apple ID, Facebook, Google, and Twitter.


Offer advanced authentication experience: fingerprint, facial recognition, and security keys.

Phone OTP

Authenticate your users with an OTP sent to their respective phone numbers.

White label login form with your own visual identity

Go white label with fully customizable password-free authentication solution and get things done with your own branding.


Redesign MojoAuth with your logo, theme, styles, brand colors and form fields.


Bring your users closer to your brand and let them have a lasting experience with your apps.

Custom Interface

Make custom interface and login page that seamlessly blends into your website.


Localize your website according to a country or region.

Private Cloud

Use private cloud for more control over the resource, security and performance.

Private cloud is a single-tenant cloud environment that runs on a dedicated infrastructure in which all hardware and software resources are dedicated to and accessible only by a single customer. Private cloud offers flexibility, security, scalability, and ease of service delivery with the access control and resource customization of on-premises infrastructure benefits.

Secure and Modern Authentication Platform


Every layer is secure, from network to storage.


Compliant with various essential regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, etc.

Email Delivery

We partnered with world-class email infra providers, so your email alerts don’t get lost.

Magic Box


Offers 99.9% uptime and high performance under heavy loads.


MojoAuth scales as your business grows and handles unexpected spikes in user loads.

Higher Adoption Rates

Minimal friction with no passwords helps you enhance user experience and brand loyalty.

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